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Over 200+ National Brands, Regional Companies, and Agencies Rely On Our Local SEO.

Winning local businesses with insight-driven SEO services since we came into existence.

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Local Businesses Joined AVConsulity To Grow Their Customer Base By Above 200%.

Local Business Profiles functions similarly to a virtual phone book. This helps you reach out to potential clients who might not know how to find you otherwise.

Our goal is to conquer clients’ local ranks, skyrocket their organic traffic, and bring more leads.


To analyze markets, design strategies, and accelerate client growth, AVConsulity makes use of the greatest resources.

Furthermore, we boost organic traffic by 150%, revitalize accounts’ existing content, and increase ROI.

We’ll help you in:

  • Position Ranking
  • Findability
  • Using high revenue-generating keywords
  • Listings Management
  • Domain overview from local competitors
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Establish Yourself As The Most Preferred Local Company With AVConsulity's Local SEO Services.

Connect With Customers Across Local Searches and Maps By Setting Up A Local Business Profile Account. Get The Best Solutions For More Visibility.

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Local SEO Statistics

We gathered the best local SEO statistics that will help you understand why you should choose local SEO services.

Local SEO is rapidly becoming one of the most effective strategies for local businesses to experience online growth. Five of our favorite local SEO statistics that highlight the value of a local SEO approach are as follows:

In over 46%

of Google searches, there is a strong Local SEO presence factor.

Over 1.5 Billion

each month, searchers visit locations relevant to their Google queries.

Around 28%

of all local searches result in a purchase from potential customers.

Over 78%

of mobile local searches result in an offline purchases.

Over 25%

of all clicks are directed to the top result for local company queries.

Achieve a high ranking in the local search results to boost your conversions.

With leading SEO services, you can expand your market reach and make it easier for local customers to find your company.

What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO is the practice of making your website and company more visible in a specific area.

Is your website optimized for the region you want to reach?

We offer SEO services for local businesses to ensure that your website tops the list in your service region.

We build service, city, and industry pages, set up social media signals, and apply local SEO best practices throughout your website.

We also optimize your homepage and metadata with location-specific keywords. Additionally, this will help search engines better grasp your brand’s positioning and geographic focus.

  • Keyword research for local searches.
  • Meta descriptions and titles.
  • Write SEO material or GMB posts using terms that are optimized locally.
  • Addition of schema elements. 

Citation for local SEO are references to your company name, phone number, and address on another website.

Our local SEO specialists at AVConsulity use reputable third-party websites to develop local citations for your company.

Online testimonials or reviews can support your business’s reputation and foster more client confidence.

According to studies, above 87% of customers look up online reviews before making a local service purchase.

With assistance from our local SEO services, you may safeguard your brand’s reputation and utilize consumer reviews as marketing opportunities.

We’ll improve the local ranking of your business.

Our local SEO can assist you with building services and city pages, enhancing your website’s mobile friendliness, or finishing your local SEO checklist.

To increase the number of high-quality sales calls to your locations and boost your conversion rate month over month, we use a customized local Search engine optimization solution.

Local SEO Services Statistics

Amazing Growth For Clients Through Local SEO Services

Visibility Growth
1 %
Followers Growth
1 %
Conversion Growth
1 %

What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO Services?

Are you aware of the benefits of local SEO?

Local optimization will help people see and take note of the amazing business. Utilizing local SEO will increase your company’s exposure in search results by focusing on relevant consumers that are already looking for the services or goods.

This is crucial for offline as well as online businesses, as the map pack pushes organic SERPs down to prioritize local results for users.


Customer Reviews For Delivered Local SEO

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with us?

That’s where our clients come in. We’re proud to have worked with a diverse range of businesses and individuals, and we value their feedback and support. In this section, you’ll find testimonials from some of our satisfied clients, sharing their experiences working with us and the results we helped them achieve.

AVConsulity did everything they said they would do with Local SEO and did it on time! I am extremely happy with the whole process. If you want to save time and money, then AVConsulity is recommended.
Testimonial 1 For Local SEO Services
Manisha Mehta
MM Designs
By ensuring consistent posting for both of our brands from a single location, AVConsulity strengthened our brand identity. They kept our Google Business Profile up to date and increased conversions by 30%.
Testimonial 2 for local SEO services
Radhika Jaiswal
NTL Solar
It has never been simpler for us to perform our duties for clients. Most significantly, revenue has increased by 67%. I can state with certainty that our clients' involvement has doubled the revenue.
Jeet Das On Local SEO Services
Ajeet Das
SS Associates
Message Image

Local SEO FAQs

Do you have questions about Local SEO services?

Check out the FAQs on Local SEO Services.

Local SEO is a strategy to search engine optimization (SEO) that makes your company appear more prominently in Google’s local search results.

Local SEO is beneficial for any company that has a physical location or serves a specific region.

To improve your local SEO ranking, local SEO makes use of several local digital marketing strategies, such as:

  1. Local businesses targeted keywords for SEO.
  2. Optimization of Google Business Profiles.
  3. Citations from reputed local 3rd party websites.
  4. Reputation Management.
  5. Link Creation.
  6. On-Page SEO.
  7. Optimization of Local Landing Pages.
  8. Local SEO content marketing for search engines like Google.

Google uses several local SEO ranking factors to decide where you will appear in search results. These consist of:

  • Google Maps listings or Google Business Profiles.
  • Name, address, and phone number (NAP) uniformity in local business listings.
  • Authority of the Domain (DA)
  • Quality citation in local searches.
  • CTR or click-through rate from search results.
  • Keywords
  • User experience (UX)
  • Review
  • Link indication

Through online leads. local SEO helps your company stand out and increases foot traffic to your location. Check out the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Increase in outreach to the local community.
  • Increase in revenue from sales.
  • An enhanced Google Business Profile or Google Maps listing.
  • repeat business from devoted clients.
  • High-quality listings for nearby businesses.
  • increase in foot traffic.
  • Local marketing initiatives across multiple channels.
  • A trustworthy online reputation.
  • Improvement in local SEO ranking.
  • Improved Google Maps exposure.
  • More targeted traffic to the website.
  • Decreased advertising expenditures.
  • More phone calls and inquiries from prospective customers.
  • Increased reliability and commercial dominance.

The usual cost of Local SEO operation would be between $300 and $1500 per month that focuses on analysis, research, clean-up, and optimization, with an average cost of approximately $700.

In India, it ranges from INR 25000 to INR 150000 Per Month.

Sit back and relax. AVConsulity is the right choice for managing your local SEO. We’ll grow your business by:

  • Ranking Your Business On Top Positions.
  • Providing More Visibility
  • Attracting More Customers and Their Visits.
  • Managing Reviews.

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When It Comes To Local SEO Services, We Also Provide Local SEO Services To Nearby Locations In Lucknow and Kanpur. We are Unnao Based Digital Marketing Agency. Contact Us To Leverage The Local SEO Services And Stay Ahead Of The Competition.

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